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Men Can Have Weight Loss Surgery Too

When men want to lose weight and get in shape, they go to the gym. They may want to lose weight, but it's never about weight when they go to GNC or another store. It is always about getting toned and building muscle.
People harp about women and their self-esteems, but men have just as much trouble if not more, dealing with their own weight issues. When you mention weight loss surgery, everyone assumes you are talking about yourself if you are female or one of your female friends. Why is that always the first assumption?

Of all the people who have bariatric surgeries each year, only 15% of these are men. It is not to say there are not plenty of obese men out there; it is just that few men can admit that their weight is beyond their control. Being overweight has always been a woman's problem, not a man's.

Men will eat whatever they want, and then go workout until the sweat is pouring over their bodies. They'll run miles to drink off a beer belly that will never go away, but most are afraid and too embarrassed to even mention weight loss surgery to a doctor.

Why is this? Is it the media? Or is it just men or a combination of both things? Most men do not sit around when they are hanging out at the football game and talk about weight gain and not being able to fit into their jeans from high school. Even if they feel that way, the men are certainly not going to say it without fear of being ridiculed. Others do not want to talk about their appearance out of fear of being called “gay”.

Men will lie down to get their eyes lifted and their cheeks done, but so few are willing to have a surgery that can help save their lives. Still, men consider themselves to be the wiser sex. Death or reputation? Boy, that is a real tough decision.
Weight loss surgeries are for anyone who has tried to lose weight through a consistent program of diet and exercise and who is at least 100 pounds overweight (with a body mass of 40 or greater) or who suffers from medical issues that relate from obesity. Gender is not a part of the criteria for weight loss surgery.

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