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Should You Be Concerned about the Risks of Gastric Band Surgery?

I cannot think of a single surgical procedure that does not involve some type of risk. I had an impacted tooth removed, and for the procedure, I went nighty-night. Even still, for a procedure that my oral surgeon admitted he did at least four times a day without incident, I still had to acknowledge and sign a form saying I would not hold him liable in case of problems, relating from the surgery, with the worst of course being death.

To be honest, there is no such thing as a risk free surgery. Every surgery comes with its own complications and risks. Gastric Band surgery, like any other procedure, comes with risks too. The question is whether or not you are willing to accept the risk of the rare complications that come with an adjustable band surgery. It is important to note of course that band procedures, performed used laparoscopic means, carry fewer risks than any other type of weight loss surgery.

With that being said, let us discuss some complications that have occurred after gastric band surgery.  The major risks would be gastric perforation and of course, the ultimate complication of them all – death. Gastric perforation occurs when there is a tear or a rip in the stomach. Surgery is required to correct this perforation which happens in less than one percent of all gastric band procedures. On a more positive note, there has never been a death in the United States as a result of a laparoscopic, adjustable band surgery.

The minor and rare risks are those which can occur in any surgery. Have you ever had an allergic reaction to anesthesia? Do you have any medical conditions that might cause your body to go into depress during surgery? Did you follow all the pre-op instructions? Failure to be completely honest with your surgeon can result in many complications, which may occur both during and after the weight loss treatment. Obviously if you are not willing to be honest about your own health, then you don't really care about whether or not you are putting your life at risks. Risks that occur because of your own negligence are not medical related. To put it plain and simple, most of these complications are the results of stupidity.

Other complications that have been reported after a gastric band surgery are not serious but can be quite annoying. They include nausea and vomiting (which is common in many surgeries), regurgitation, diarrhea, constipation. A few patients also experience difficulty swallowing, but these issues tend to correct themselves over time or will be quickly relieved by your doctor during after-care.

As with all surgeries, once again, there are risks, and banding surgery is no different. Again, the big question you need to answer is – for you, is the cure worth the risk? If you need a weight loss surgery to improve your health and your lifestyle, it could be.