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Questions about the Lap-Band® Surgery

Are you considering the Lap-Band® Surgery? It's quite interesting, and it probably seems a bit complicated too. Before making any decisions regarding the procedure, I'm sure you want to ask your doctor or individuals who have had the surgery a few questions.

When I was considering my procedure, I had a list that basically took up a whole ream of paper, but then again, I am kind of anal. Questions are important. You don't want to go into a surgery without knowing what to expect. I'm not sure about you, but I really hate surprises.

Unless you're one of those people who likes to drive through the Nevada desert with only one eighth of a tank of gas and two hundred and fifty miles to the next stop. Let's avoid that by reviewing a few of the questions you should know the answers to when you are considering Lap-Band® Surgery.

  1. As a Lap-Band® patient, what will be expected of me?
  2. Who makes a good Lap-Band® candidate? Will I?
  3. What are my options besides the Lap-Band®?
  4. What preoperative tests and evaluations will I undergo?
  5. Are their any risks and complications associated with this surgery?
  6. Do I have to lose weight prior to my procedure? Why? Isn't that why I'm having the surgery in the first place?
  7. How invasive is the surgery?
  8. How long will the surgery take? Do I have to stay overnight?
  9. What happens after the surgery? What is the schedule?
  10. Will I get pain medicine after the surgery?
  11. Do patients who have Lap-Band® Surgery need any type of therapy after the treatment?
  12. Is it true that I have to go without solid food for weeks after the surgery?
  13. Can I still have wine at my daughter's wedding in three months?
  14. How much does this surgery cost?
  15. Will I have to take protein supplements?

As I mentioned earlier, there are quite a few things you should know about Lap-Band® Surgery. This list is far from complete. Be sure and know everything about the procedure before you decide to have it. Remember, no surprises.