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Dr. Hong and his staff understand the fight with obesity and therefore make it a top priority to be entirely patient focused.
Dr. Patterson and her staff understand the fight with obesity and therefore make it a top priority to be entirely patient focused.

Are You A Good Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

So you can no longer fit into your size 6 jeans? Now, you're an 8. Don't make me laugh. You're considering weight loss surgery? You don't need a bariatric surgery. You need a brain transplant or the equivalent therapy. Don't give me wrong because there is no malicious intent here.

It's just that weight loss surgery is for obese people, not for healthy or underweight people with delusions about their self-image. If you are not obese and you have a weight loss procedure, you could be asking for trouble. For you, the risks are higher, and the surgery could come with major complications. I may be a fat chubby gal, but at least I know, looking like a walking toothpick is not worth the risk of dying.

If you do really need weight loss assistance, then by all means, you should definitely consider having weight loss surgery. Before you make an appointment at your doctor's office, might I suggest you run through a quick checklist of the qualifications that would make you a good candidate for weight loss surgery?

1. Your body Mass Index (BMI) should be forty or greater. If it's not, you could still be a candidate, just continue reading.

2. Is your weight 100 pounds or more than what your doctor believes it should be? This is one of the qualification criteria. If not, don't worry yet, just follow the instructions in #1 (keep reading).

3. Your weight and BMI are important, but if they don't fall into the predetermined criteria, weight loss surgery may still be an option for you if you have medical conditions that stem from your obesity. Please note that shopping in the plus size section of a store is not a medical condition; a medical condition would be an issue such as diabetes or severe back pain as a result of being overweight.

4. Have you been overweight for a long period of time or has some crisis or medical illness caused you to suddenly gain weight? If you have been obese for a while, do you eat small, healthy meals, and do you exercise regularly? If you haven't seriously tried these weight management techniques, then you really aren't serious about losing weight.

5. Money shouldn't be an issue when it comes to being healthy, but money is always the bottom line. Can you afford a weight loss surgery? Do you have insurance? If not, can you obtain financing for the surgery?

6. Don't take this the wrong way, but are you crazy? Seriously, if you hate yourself, your kindergarten teacher, and actors or actresses who pretend to date your favorite stars in movies, then weight loss surgery is not going to make everything perfect in your life. Will you honestly be emotionally capable of changing your mindset and lifestyle after surgery? If not, you'll just be wasting time and money.

How did you do? After answering these questions, do you still think you're a good candidate for weight loss surgery? If so, discuss your options with your doctor. Weight loss surgery could be an option for you.

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