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Dr. John DeBarros is devoted to a thorough surgical weight loss program that emphasizes a dedicated and caring approach to medicine.
Dr. Orris is devoted to a thorough surgical weight loss program that emphasizes a dedicated and caring approach to medicine.

Tips to Stay Brave on Your Weight Loss Surgery Day

If you're like me, as soon as a doctor, dentist, or anyone tells you that they're putting you to sleep (no matter how minor the surgery), you start looking for your will and start making plans for your family's future without you. Short story- you're a worry wart, a drama queen like me.

Lately, I've had so many procedures where I've been put to sleep for a bit – the knee surgery, the Colostomy (didn't want to be awake for that pleasure), the broken tooth removal, and the Upper GI. The list goes on, but I don't want to bore you.

With all this “knock out” practice, I consider myself to be a connoisseur of outpatient hospital stays. The last thing you want to do when you're checking in for a weight loss procedure is to be any more nervous than you already are.
Did I mention that I suffer from anxiety? Therefore, I take this whole preparation for surgery thing really serious. Here are some of the unusual things I do or bring along with me to the hospital.

1) I always make my husband take me for my outpatient visits. When I wake up, I'm always grouchy and need to be someone I love. If I wake up around someone who gets on my nerves like my oldest sister, then I'm going to need Prozac or something to calm down. Seriously, choose somebody you really care about to be your waiter and driver. It really helps you relax when the right person is there.

2) Brush, comb, all the little accessories. Of course, it doesn't matter how you look when they're slicing and dicing, but when you have to leave the hospital, you need to be looking great even if you feel like crap or can barely remember your name because of the anesthesia.

3) A comfortable outfit, including slippers, in which to leave the hospital. I always take one of those colorful MooMoo type dresses. You know, the one size fits all type. They're so roomy, and you don't need anything pressing on your surgical area.

4) A Bible if you believe in the Lord and need some spiritual guidance. You can make a pocket sized Bible even more precious by placing wallet sized photos of all your favorite friends and family members within the pages. With your loved ones and God there, you definitely have a reason to make a great recovery.

5) A Camera – this is my husband's idea. That man is always taking pictures of me at the two strangest times. First of all, when I naked, which I can get – he's a man after, but the second time, when I'm all drugged up for the surgery, looking like crap, with a green scrub cap on my head and then when I come out of surgery, looking even worse.

 He usually uses his I-Phone to take the pictures. I just hope he's not sharing my pics with his friends and co-workers. Where I come from, if people want to peek, then they have to pay J . Seriously though, it's not just my husband; some people actually enjoy documenting and recording surgeries. I guess it gives them something to look back at during the later years.

This list could go on and on, and it will vary for each person. When you go to the hospital for your weight loss procedure, take what's important to you, and don't worry about anything. You're going to be just fine.

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