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My "To-Do List' after Weight Loss Surgery

Let's face it. When you're exceptionally fat or chunky if you like that term better, (let's not use the obese word for once. Let's call it what it is) you're limited in what you can do and what you have the energy to do.

Obesity not only restricts the number of actions you can perform and the clothes you can wear, but it also wears you out physically and mentally.  Because of this, I began planning my “To-Do List after Bariatric surgery” months before I even had my surgery.

I guess you can say it was a “Bucket List” of sorts, but it wasn't that at all. To me, it was more of a “Live like I'm Dying List”. The reality was though that before my weight loss surgery, I didn't try and do anything because I was afraid that I couldn't do it and that people would watch me do it. I didn't want to stand out and attract attention to myself. Each day could have been my last day, but I wasn't making each moment count.
Now, after my surgery I'm doing it all.

  • I'm asking good-looking guys out, something I would never do before because of my low self-esteem. If they look at me like they're crazy or say no, I just shake my curvaceous butt and walk off with a swing in my step. It's his loss not mine. And guess what, not every guy turns me down. Now that I'm talking more and not sitting in the corner, I don't even have to ask guys out; they ask me out.
  • When I'm asking those guys out, I'm wearing a bright red dress that hits all my curves in the right places. I'm working with what I have and I'm not afraid to be seen.
  • Believe it or not, I actually bought a motorcycle. I always wanted to be a biker chick, but I didn't want people looking at my big butt hanging off a Harley. When you see a hot chick dressed completely in black leather, cutting you off while you drink coffee and text on your cell phone, that's me. It's against the law to drive while you're distracted; stop it before you hurt someone!
  • In my younger days, I went to Paris, France. I couldn't even make it to the top of the Eiffel Tour. I had trouble breathing and ended up spending most of the trip in my hotel room. Last week, I went back to Paris and led my office tour group. Those people were begging me to slow down.
  • On a simpler level, I'm learning to try anything. In Paris, I ate mushrooms for the first time. On the train ride to Switzerland, I tried cheeses I had never heard of. I opened up my eyes to new experiences. I was once the woman who wouldn't eat anything but chicken, pizza, and hamburgers; that lifestyle made me overweight and unhealthy. I'm no longer afraid to do new things and risk standing out by living out loud and in color.
I'm no longer afraid to add things to my “To-Do-List.” I even check this stuff off now, after my weight loss surgery.
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