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Dr. Morand's mission is to enhance and improve the health of the people of his community.
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Don't Let Your Weight Loss Surgery Be in Vain

You researched. You consulted. You prepared, and you endured your surgery. Don't let it all be in vain. Gastric surgeries are becoming more and more popular each year, but unfortunately, many of the patients who have these surgeries will still not lose all the weight they need to in order to have a healthy BMI. Some of these will even gain back all the weight they have lost.

This is because bariatric surgery is not a weight loss solution. It is just an instrument that can aid a person on his or her journey to living a healthy lifestyle. No matter what weight loss surgery you choose to have, you still need to be willing to change some things about your own life.

How to Make Your Weight Loss Surgery Count

  • The purpose of bariatric surgery is to help you change your weight so that you can change your life. One of the most important aspects of changing your life involves changing your diet. Are you ready to do this?
  • After a weight loss surgery, you can't just eat whatever you want when you want it. Your post-operative after care will insist that you observe a special diet, typically one that is high in proteins and low in sugar and fat. When and what you drink will also change. Not drinking before and directly after meals is something you can no longer do as well because you want to make sure the liquid does not interfere with your body's new way of digesting food.

    The surgery may also make you feel differently because your body will be different. Some patients experience depression and other individuals have a hard time adapting to their new lifestyle. In order to stay on the weight loss path, you will have to keep you lifestyle change as a major focus in your life.

  • If you were not able to be active before your weight loss treatment, then you should be now. In fact, exercise is a mandatory part of your post-op instructions. Studies show patients who exercise at least twenty minutes a day, after bariatric surgery, can and do achieve their weight loss goals.
  • Twenty minutes a day to look the way you want to look and to live healthier and possibly longer. Yes, you can exercise regularly.

  • Fighting obesity and living as a weight loss surgery patient is not a temporary event. Both require a long-term effort and a great deal of support. People who often assume they have everything covered are the ones who are just barely hanging on or have already lost it. As part of your bariatric surgery, you will need to continue to obtain support from either an online or offline group.
  • The number of meetings you attend should be based on your personal needs, but you shouldn't just stop attending them altogether. When you stop, that's when temptation and self doubt rear their ugly heads. The meetings will help keep them at bay and allow you to maintain your new and healthy lifestyle.

     After the surgery is all done and the last bandage has been checked, the bariatric surgeon is all done. Now, it's your turn. Make each day count by living well.

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