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Dr. Olsofka is board certified in General Surgery and has a special interest in minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Why I'm Having a Gastric Band Procedure

My biggest challenge each morning is finding a shirt to hide my “fat rolls” (I'm not trying to dress it up) and pants that don't cut off my circulation at the waist and leave me with small sores. Although I have tried numerous diets and lost the occasional pound or two only to regain it back after failing to exercise consistently, I am still at least one hundred pounds overweight.

For me, I cannot place a value on the ability to have enough energy to keep up with my children and to live a healthier life. The decision to have a gastric banding surgery was an easy one for me. I will be having my surgery in a couple of months, and even though I'm a bit nervous, I cannot wait. I have tried to lose weight on my own for years, and I haven't been able to do it.

Because of the excess pounds I carry, I have had a replacement knee surgery, I am plagued by my asthma, my ankles A constantly swell, I sweat constantly creating the weirdest rashes in the most private of places, and the list goes on. Gastric banding surgery is definitely for me.

Since I have been trying unsuccessfully for years to lose weight that I have taken twenty something years to add on, I know I'm not going to lose all this weight overnight, and I'm not going to hurt myself even further by trying one of those crazy, starvation diets that makes you blow up like Oprah's wallet later on.

A laparoscopic, banding treating is the right option for me because the surgery is easily performed, and it doesn't change my body in any major way. I'm not going to be sliced and diced, and I won't have any staples in me either. All that will happen is that a band will be placed around my stomach to help me control my eating habits. This is something I can deal with. Smokers chew nicotine gum; I'm going to wear a gastric band to help me stop my unhealthy habit.

Of course, I know that I am going to have to do more than just alter my diet. I'm also going to have to change the way I look at and respond to the world as well as my inability to maintain a healthy exercise program. I'm going to do all of this and more, because I'm sick of being the way I am.

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