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Setting Your Friends and Family Straight about the Lap-Band

After your Lap-Band surgery, you're going to be the one who needs to make the largest lifestyle change. Your outlook on life and how you live it will be forever altered. Still, you're not the only person who will need to change and accept the new you. Your family and friends should also be prepared for your new life after your Lap-Band surgery.

Just like any other surgery, the Lap-Band, though a relatively minor surgery, is a surgery nonetheless, and “Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise” as the elderly often say, you'll be just fine during the procedure. Still, what if something happens, and you're not fine? Your family and friends should know your plans simply because they care about you, and you care about them in case the unexpected happens.

Then when all is well (as the Lap-Band is the weight loss surgery with the lowest risk of complications and your doctor has made sure you are capable of handling the surgery), your family and friends will also need to know about your new eating and drinking habits.

They should know that when you go over to eat at their homes, you are not taking a small portion because the food is unappealing; it is just that if you eat large amounts of food at one time, you'll be sick. If knowing this, your oldest sister (psycho as I refer to mine) still rants and raves because you only had one serving of her “best potato salad in the world” (today is opposite day), then you might just have to teach her a thing or two by overeating.

Once you puke on her kitchen table and leave her to clean up the mess; then she'll learn. Sometimes, the only way our “sensitive” family members can learn is by inhaling vomit fumes and buying tons of air freshener and disinfectant sprays.

Your best friend should know that even though you have enjoyed “dropping it like it was hot” after countless Mai Tais; drinking enough to dance on a pole is no longer one of your lifestyle choices. Of course, this doesn't mean that you don't care about your girl, but your friendship has to revolve around more than drinking alcohol. The fact that you are choosing not to drink any alcohol also does not imply that you have suddenly rediscovered the Lord and decided to denounce it and anyone who drinks it.

There are of course many other lifestyle modifications that you will be making after your Lap-Band surgery, and you really should prepare your friends and family for them beforehand. Encourage them to read up on the weight loss procedure before you have it. People who truly care about you will have no problem at all helping you look out for your best interests.

I'm not sure about you other ladies out there, but hey, I'm really going to miss that pole. “Hey, ho! Hey, ho!”

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