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Laparoscopic Banding or Gastric Bypass Surgery: Which one is better?

So many weight loss procedures and only one stomach? Forget that, your insurance company is probably only going to pay for one procedure anyway, if it pays for anything at all. Knowing that, how do you decide between laparoscopic banding and gastric bypass surgery? How can you determine which one will work best for you and help you meet you obtain your health goals?

Let us compare the significant issues related to each weight loss option. First of all, both procedures require surgery. There is no such thing as a great surgery that anyone eagerly looks forward to having because even the most minor surgeries have risks and complications. Because of this, both treatments are equal in the assessment at this point.

The gastric bypass is a permanent procedure; once you have the bypass, you are stuck with it as it cannot be reversed or altered. On the other hand, laparoscopic banding involves no cutting or rearrangements, only the application of a band. This band can be removed at a later time.

With both procedures, individuals have gained weight despite the fact they are both considered weight loss surgeries. Of course in regards to both procedures, if you follow your diet and the program requirements, weight gain will not be an issue with either of the two bariatric surgeries. The gastric bypass diet is less flexible and lenient that the one that must be followed after a gastric band procedure.

Both weight loss treatments require that they be your last resorts for losing weight. You should have tried every diet and every fitness routine in the book before considering any type of weight loss surgical procedure. You will also have to be at least 100 pounds overweight or have some type of major ailment that stems from obesity.

No matter which weight loss path you choose, you should adequately research each method. Just because the gastric bypass worked for your co-worker, that does not mean it will work for you as well. The Lap-Band surgery could be a better option. Be sure and talk with your doctor as well. This decision is too important to make on your own.