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The Truth about Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery

Type II Diabetes is a serious condition. Bariatric surgery and the subsequent weight loss that ensues have been shown to help manage Diabetes. Still the question remains – which type of weight loss procedure will be help you control the condition of Diabetes?

You're not the only person who wants to know the answer to the question. Physicians of various specialties are constantly asking themselves this question. As a doctor, they want to know how to best help their patients live happily and as illness free as possible. Because of advances in technology and recent studies, we can all begin to speculate upon the answer to this most important question.

No two patients or situations are alike when it comes to Diabetes and weight loss. Not every patient needs to lose the same amount of weight nor do all patients have the same treatment for dealing with Diabetes. Currently, there is no set formula for calculating the odds of any successful weight loss procedure; however, research has shown that it is important to consider the amount of weight you need to lose in order to truly be healthy.

How much weight do you need to lose in general? Are you tired of having to take high dosages of medicine (including insulin) to manage Diabetes? It comes as no surprise that these two questions are directly related because recent data concludes that the more weight a person loses as a result of bariatric surgery, the shorter that person's treatment and history of Type II Diabetes.

The two most commonly used surgical procedures held by people with Type II Diabetes are Gastric Bypass surgery and Lap-Band® Surgery. Surveys reveal an 84% resolution of Diabetes after the Gastric Bypass and a 69% solution to patients who underwent the Lap-Band® procedure. With those numbers, why aren't more people choosing to have a Gastric Bypass instead of other less successful surgeries?

There's a lot to consider when choosing a bariatric surgery. Although quite different, when you think of selecting a weight loss surgery, think about selecting a new house. Hopefully you aren't choosing it simply because you can move inside within one month.

How much weight do you need to lose? Some weight loss procedures produce a great weight loss than others? What is your sex? Gender often plays a role in the success of the various bariatric surgeries. Do you have any other conditions besides Diabetes that should be considered during your surgery reviews? You will need to discuss these issues and many more with your doctor. This open and honest discussion will help you make the right weight loss decision for you.