How much does Lap-Band® Surgery Cost?

There are many cost issues you will want to consider.

Lap-Band surgery, like many other surgeries is elective and because it is you will find that the price varies from surgeon to surgeon and from practice to practice. This can be good and it can be bad if you don't do your homework. Since you have decided to have a Lap-Band you have not only made the choice to change your life you have also made the decision to have someone perform surgery on you. That's serious business! When choosing a Lap Band Surgeon price should never be the deciding factor. Weigh all the factors, choose the surgeon who has the most experience and who works best with you.

When you have reviewed all the surgeons on this site and you have found the Lap-Band surgeon who you feel works best for you, then its time to talk about the cost. The cost of a Lap-Band depending on where you have it done, whether it be in a hospital or a surgery center, or if it is in the United States or another country the price can be as low as $7000 to as high as $35,000. That is quite a big difference.

So now you have picked a surgeon and you have a price, now how do you pay for the surgery? If you are a lucky person and you have lots of money you just write a check and that's it. Nowadays most of us do not have tens of thousands of dollars of disposable income for elective surgery like the Lap-Band, so how can you pay for such an important life changing surgery? Well we have several options for you, first you can get a medical loan, just like you would get a credit card, if you look below there is a link we have provided to get you familiar with the process, just like a credit card you make a payments every month until the balance is paid off.

Feeling more adventurous? Like to travel? Did you know you can have Lap-Band Surgery in Mexico, Argentina, or Costa Rica? If you are the traveling type and want to have surgery on Monday and be on the beach in a day or so, then overseas surgery may be the thing for you! Again we have provided a link to get your more information.

Sometimes we hear that folks just can't bring themselves to make the financial commitment to have Lap-Band surgery. If you are one of those folks, please watch the video below, we are sure it will open your eyes to how much money being overweight actually costs you every year in added medical costs, added medications, time off from work just to name a few.

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