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There is More to Finding a Surgeon than this Website..

Now that you think you want to have a Bariatric procedure it's time to find a surgeon who you feel comfortable with. This is not always easy although it may seem easy. You may search the Internet and it brings you to a site like this and basically that is the start, you find some surgeons in your area whose websites look impressive.

Well of course they do they are trying to get you to come to their practice and spend tens of thousand of dollars so you are likely to see a real impressive website but it's not what you see that should impress you about a potential Lap-Band surgeon, it's what you don't see. Do you get a feel for how many laparoscopic procedures they have actually done? Some surgeons mention it right on their website. Do they talk about support programs post surgery is everything on their website centered on cost? If so you may want to be careful. Remember with surgery just like anything else, you get what you pay for!

What do you really know about this procedure? Have you taken the free online seminar here? If you haven't you should, so that when you pick up the phone and talk to the practice manager you can let them know that you have participated in the online seminar and you are informed of the process. Again remember you are still at the beginning of the process.

 Most Lap-Band and Realize Band surgeons have a free consultation for anyone interested in the procedure. They will tell you your options, your payment options, they will let you know about their support groups and much more. Things to watch out for: Surgeons who have not done a lot of procedures (less than 100), practices that do not have support groups at least once a month, surgeons that spend only a few minutes with you, practices that are only focused on closing the deal or selling you on their low price, or surgeons who won't give you names of other patients who are happy with their surgery. Yes they won't just give you names without the patients permission so it may take a few days but you will find that having someone to ask questions of, especially if that person is close to your age and gender is a very helpful think to have, sort of like a Lap-Band buddy!

Finding a surgeon is just the beginning of the process. This sites most valuable resource is the free seminar, it is a MUST for people who are just learning about the process and it's 100% free and it will take about 25 minutes of your time to watch, and if you are too busy to watch it, then this may not be the procedure for you because you have to go in with open eyes and an open mind. The Lap-Band is a tool that helps you achieve a goal, it's not a thing where you have the surgery and you get skinny tomorrow.
You have to want to lose the weight; you have to want to leverage this tool to your success and happiness. It doesn't happen overnight but it certainly happens quickly and the weight stays off. So what are you weighting for?

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